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Kobe Tai is clearly Asian but can you be more specific about her heritage?

Kobe Tai was born in Taipei, Taiwan but speaks with a distinctly U.S. accent which is probably because she was adopted by an Победы American family from Arkansas when she was five months old. Her birth parents are of Taiwanese and Japanese heritage.

Where is Kobe Tai now?

Along with Asia Carrera, Kobe Tai was one of the most well-known Come Asian female porn stars. But we couldn’t very well expect her to stay in the business forever now could we? In 2000, Kobe Tai left the industry, announcing that she was expecting her first child. After Kobe Tai has her son, she had a short return to adult acting in December of 2001. wholesale mlb jerseys She stayed around this time until around 2003. Her last film was Jenna wholesale jerseys Loves Kobe. Since then she has left the industry all together and is presumed to be enjoying her life as a happy little housewive somewhere in suburbia.

What is Kobe Tai’s best movie?

If you ask 25 people that question, you will probably get 25 different answers. Kobe Tai’s fans love her for different reasons and that’s why it’s hard to say which of her movies is best but I can tell you some of her best selling titles …. Where The Boys Aren’t 11, Where The Boys Aren’t 12, and Where The Boys Aren’t 13 are no doubt the best cheap jerseys selling Kobe Tai titles, specifically wholesale nfl jerseys #12 which features Kobe Tai along side of Devon, who made her first apperance in a WTBA title with #12. Another popular selling Kobe Tai movie is Kobe’s Tie.

Where did Kobe Tai get her name?

Rumor has it that rimmade Kobe Tai took her name from the the Thai New Year which fell on her birthdate … only that can’t be true because her birthday is in January and the Thai new year is celebrated every year from April 13th to April 15th.

I seen somewhere that Kobe Tai’s first movie was in 1994, Surabaya and another place said the same movie was done in 1996, which is it?

Kobe Tai’s first movie was done in 1996, not 1994. I’ve seen places that list Kobe Tai’s first movie as Stardust 3 in 1994 but in fact, that movie wasn’t made until 1996 and her first movie for Vivid was prior to that (but the same year) which dentist, was Vivid Raw 2.

What is Kobe Tai’s Real Name?

Kobe Tai was given the name Carla Carter by her adopted parents. In 1997 Kobe Tai married male porn star Steven Scott who performs under the name Mark Davis and it was then she started using the name Carla Scott or sometimes Carla Scott Carter. She still uses the “Scott” name despite their divorce in 1999.

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